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Abiyatta Shalla Lakes National Parks

abijattaAbyijata-shalla national park or lakes parking reputed as bird watcher’s paradise. Despite their natural beauty, these lakes are best known for their bird life. A great number of endemic and exotic birds travel from Africa and different parts of the world to the park. The park shelters migratory birds usually from July to September.


History – established in 1970 but not gazetted.


Location- 215 kms south of Addis Ababa in Oromia Regional state.
Area – 887 Out of which 482 sq.k.m is that of the alkaline lakes.
Altitude- Range from 1540-2075 m above sea level
Temperature- lies between 150-450c
Fauna-About 37 mammal species have been recorded and some of them are klipspringer, greater kudu, Grant’s gazelle, orbit and mountain reedbuck. it is a wetland reserve bird sanctuary in the Great rift valley. Some 370 species of birds occur here. The most common are great which pelicans, flamingoes. Egyptian geese, marabou storks, yellow billed strokes, eagles, herons and Egrets. The two lakes lie on the migratory route of aquatic birds from the northern hemisphere during the winter season.
Vegetation- savannah and acacia woodland.
Accommodation- hotels and camping sites available at the nearby lake longano beach resort