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Awash National Park

awashIt is the first park (765 sq.k.m) legally in Ethiopia on account of the great numbers and varieties of wild mammals and birds as well as its tourist potential.

Another feature of the park is the Filwoha (hot springs) situated in the extreme north of the park. It is used as spa by the local people. The altitude-ranges from 750m-2000m above sea level and Temperature ranges between 16-45.

Flora:- out of 7,000 species of plants recorded in the country 400 is found in this park.
Fauna:- there are about 76 mammal species in the park mostly consisting of Oryx, bat-eared fox, caracal, ardvark, colobus and green Monkeys, anubis and hamadryads Baboons, Klipspringer, leopard, bushbuck, hippo, Soemmering’s gazelle, grevey’s zebra, cheetah, greater and lesser, kudus, mountain reedbuck, warthog, lion, several cat, crocodile and several others.