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Bale Mountains

bale_mountainsIt is an area of high altitude plateau of 2470 sq.k.m. With numerous spectacular volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful tiny alpine lakes and rushing streams from the mountain descending in to deep rocks gorges on their way down to the lowlands. Bale mountain National park is the largest Afro-alpine habitat. It offers visitors with opportunities of mountaineering horse trekking, scenic driving and chances to view some of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals.
The park was first established to serve as a sanctuary for the three rare endemic species of animals; namely, Ethiopian Red fox, mountain Nyala and menelik’s bushbuke.
Altitude- ranges between 1500-4450mt above sea level and Temperature Ranges between 15oc-30oc.
Flora- about 1600 plant species shelter in the park of which 160 are endemic to Ethiopia and 34 are strictly endemic to the park.

Fauna-78 mammal species of which 17 are endemic to Ethiopia. There are rare and endangered as well as endemic species (e.g. Ethiopian wolf and mountain Nyala.) over 280 birds  species have been recorded, including eight endemic (e.g. yellow-fronted parrot, Abyssinian long claw, spot breasted plover and Abyssinian wood pecker). There are several rare endemic frogs, including four species found in Bale alone. Similarly, there are two chameleon species restricted to the park.