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Tragelaphus Seriptus Meneliki ( Amharic: Dukula)

dukulaMenelik Bushbuck Bale Mountains National Park – DinshoBelonging to the same family as the mountain Nyala, the kudu, the bongo and the Eland, the bushbuck shares with them the family characteristic of shy and elusive behavior. Over forty races of bushbuck have been identified, which vary considerably both from the point of view of coloration and from the type of habitat they frequent. Most of them are forest- living animals inhabiting dense bush, usually near water, though this is not an essential, as some of them have been known to go without drinking for long periods when necessary.They are easier to observe in the bale mountains National park where they are fully protected and fully protected and therefore a little less shy. The record horn length is 34.93cm. They stand 80-90 cm (35 inches) at the shoulder.