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Theropithecus Gelada (Amharic: Gelada)

gelada_baboonSimien Mountain National Park Chalada BaboonThe glada was discovered in 1835 by the explorer Rupp ell, who named it by the local name used by inhabitants of gonder region where he first observed it. Geladas live along the edges and steeps slopes of precipices. They never eat meat, or hunt or kill even small birds or mammals. The males are being about 75 cm. (30 inches) tall without tail and twice the size of the females. Their nickname, “bleeding heart baboon” stems from the bare red skin areas on the chest, which are actually two triangles, and another crescents-shaped on the throat. The most complex in the animal kingdom after that of man. So far the gelada is not on the gelada is not on the endangered species list, and now that he lives protected in at least one of his habitats, one can hope that he never will be. How –ever, the occasional random slaughter “for fun” of these beautiful, gentle and intelligent creatures should be curbed for obvious reasons.