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Alceluphus Buselaphus Swaynei (Amharic: Korkay)

korkyeNech Sar National Park [Senkele Sancturay] Swayen HeartbeastIn 1891/92, Brigadier-general swayne, is who discovered the animals.Hartebeest are almost grotesquely long-faced and have high withers and sloping hindquarters. The horns, carried by both sexes, are doubly curved and mounted on a pedicle. These are social animals and are normally seen in herds of 4-15, up to thirty. Each herd is under the leadership of the master bull that leads the females with their young. The territory is defended by the male. You may often see them grazing peacefully, with the bull on slightly higher ground acting as sentinel for his herd.