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Nech Sar National Park

nech-sarThe park (515 was established as a sanctuary for the endemic and endangered Swayne’s hartebeest. The Amharic phrase ‘nech sar’ means ‘white grass’ refers to the central grassy plains, which is always associated with Burchell’s zebra, the park’s most striking feature. The park is an impressive swathe of white grassy plains set against the backdrop of clearly defined, deeply cut hills and mountains; it is the only national park in the world where the critically endangered Swayne’s hartebeest still survives. The altitude-Ranges from 1100-1650m above sea level and Temperature Ranges between 20-39.

Fauna:- 84 mammals’ species are known to occur in the park, the main species of mammals are Greater kudu, Burche’s Zebra, klipspringer, baboons, colobus monkey, and wild dog. Besides, 342 bird species have been recorded, including two found nowhere else in Ethiopia.