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Omo Valley Adventure tours

Trip Overview

Title: Omo Valley Adventure tours
Duration: 13 days
Code: SLET – 005
Transport: Drive

Omo “the unique wilderness”. The Lower Omo is home to a remarkable mix of small, contrasting ethnic groups not only the Bume  and Konso, but also the Galeb, the Bodi, the Mursi, the Surma, the Arbore, and the Hamer, to name but    a few. Lifestyles are as varied as the tribes themselves. Lacking any material, culture and artifacts common to other cultures, these tribes find unique ways in which to express their artistic impulses. Both the Surma and the Karo, for example, are experts at body painting, using clays and locally available vegetable pigments to trace fantastic patterns on each other’s faces, chests, arms, and legs. These designs are created purely for fun and aesthetic effect, each artist vying to outdo his fellows.


Explore the unique Rift valley, a remarkable region of volcanic lakes, with their famous collection of bird life, major national parks, and small game.

  • Explore the unique culture and the way of living at each tribal village and colorful local markets.
  • It is the only place to explore the multi cultural differences of the four major African linguistic groups that include Semitic, Cushitic, Omotic and Nilo-Saharan.
  • Enjoy seasonal and cultural events including traditional weeding, Bull Jumping in Hamer people, Donga Stick Fighting, as well as traditional dance.
  • The unique and 1500 years old terrace farming of Konso people and ancient social practices which are recognized by UNESCO as one of the world heritage in Ethiopia.
  • A lifetime experience of wilderness by driving through the only geological feature that can be seen from the space. Driving through different altitude Great Ethiopian Rift Valley provides to visit the natural eco system and varieties of flora and fauna.

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Day 1: Addis Ababa
Arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport where our hospitality begins. We provide you meet-and-greet service at the airport then transfer to 3* hotel for overnight accommodation

Day 2: Arbaminch
After breakfast continue driving to the famous lakes side town of Arbamich. En route visit the villages of Sidama, Oromo, Wolayta and tribes. Overnight Bekele Molla Hotel

Day 3: Arbaminch
Morning drive to Nech Sar for game viewing & birding. Afternoon make a boat trip on Lake Chamo for crocodiles, hippos & aquatic bird species. Overnight same

Day 4: Turmi
After breakfast drive to Turmi. Enroute, visit the villages of Woito and Erborie tribes. Overnight camping.

Day 5:Turmi
(Saturday, Monday and Tuesdays are the market days for Hammer tribe)

Day 6: Turmi
Visit of the Hammer village and the market. overnight camping.

Day 7: Mago National Park
After breakfast drive Duss village to visit Karo people (The Karos are famous for tattooing and scaring) and birding along the river bank of Omo. Then drive to Mago National park (2162, which lies along the east bank of Omo River. Overnight camping at Mago NP

Day 8:Jinka
AM drive through the National Park via the Mago River Bridge into the high land, which is the home of Mursi people, The Mursi are well known for the large clay discs that the women wear, inserted in their slit lower lips. Afternoon, drive to Jinka. Overnight hotel

Day 9: Konso

After break fast drive to Konso where colorfully costumed dress, impressive terracing of the Land and unusually engraved wooden statues used as grave markers can be seen. En route, visit the Ari, Benna and Tsemay tribes with the first stop at the small town of Key Afer. After noon, visit of Konso. Overnight hotel

Day 10: Yabello
After an early breakfast drive to Yabello. En route visit the Borenna village. Overnight Yabello Motel

Day 11: Yabello
Morning excursion drive to El Sode to visit the creator lake where the local people extract salt. After noon, visit the Borena Oromo people. Overnight same

Day 12: Wondogenet
After breakfast drive to Wondogenet via Awassa. The route is so breathtaking and wonderful to experience the nature. Wondogenet is situated in the mountain chain and jungle, which becomes the best place for nesting of various species of birds. It is also famous for its hot springs for which the modern swimming pool makes your stay unforgettable. Overnight Wabishebele hotel

Day 13: Addis Ababa/ Departure
Drive to Addis Ababa. En route visit the rift valley lakes of the Abiyata-Shalla National Park and Ziway. Evening farewell dinner party and then transfer to airport for night departure. End of the tour!

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