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Classic Historic Route, Fly and Bike and Drive

Tour Overview

A land dotted with rock-hewn churches, medieval castles and ancient obelisks reflecting a culture dating back over 3000 years.
After visiting The Monasteries over Lake Tana, the Blue Nile Falls and the medieval castles at Gondar, we head into the Simien Mountains for a spectacular trek. The Simien Mountains have been called Africa’s “Green Grand Canyon”. The Simien Mountains of Ethiopia offer superb wilderness trekking with stunning scenery, dramatic cliffs and escarpments and the chance to spot endemic wildlife such as a troop of Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex and Simien fox and Ethiopia’s many endemic birds and plant life unique to the mountains and the immense beauty of the mountains. Finally we visit the holy city of Axum and the famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, often referred to as the “Eighth wonder of the World



Tour detail

Arrive to Addis Ababa then fly to Bahir dar

  1. Arrive to Addis Ababa, a capital of Ethiopia and Addis Abeba then take your flight to Bahir Dar and after arrival have a city tour of Bahir Dar and spare time for preparation of the bikes. Overnight Abayminch lodge
BAhir Dar
  1. Afetr breakfast Bike to Tiss Issat town 30km then to the Blue Nile fall. After a lunch break Drive back to Bahir Dar. Overnight Abayminch lodge
Bahir Dar to Gorgora
  1. Bike 28km to the Zegi peninsula to visit the 14th monastery for its beautiful mural paintings. Then cruise to Gorgora by boat on arrival visit Debre Sina Mariam. Overnight Tim and Kim lodge
Gorgora to Gondar
  1. After your breakfast bike to Gondar, 64km, on the way visit some villages. In the late afternoon visit the castles of Gondar. Overnight Goha hotel
cycling_in_ethiopiaGondar to Simien Mountains National Park
  1. After your breakfast drive to Simien mountains National park head quarter, 100km, then pay the entrance fee then drive to the lodge which is situated at an altitude of 3260m asl, the highest lodge in Africa. Overnight Simien park lodge
Simien Mountains National Park
  1. After your breakfast bike towards the second camping site Sankaber to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the endemic mamal Chelada Baboon. Then Bike Back to the lodge. Overnight Simien park lodge
Simien Mountains National Park to Axum
  1. After your breakfast drive to Axum, 283km, on the way enjoying the Tekeze Gorge. After arrival in Axum celebrat the colorful Palm sunday eve in Axum. Overnight Yeha hotel
  1. Full day visit of the ancient city of Axum which marks the location of the heart of ancient Ethiopia, when the Kingdom of Axum was the most powerful state between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia. The archaeological and historical attractions in Axum include: the archaeological museum, monolithic steles or obelisks, the tombs of King Kaleb and King Gebre Meskal, and the legendary Bath of the Queen of Sheba, and the ruins of ancient palace of Queen Sheba. You also visit the new and the old Cathedral of St Mary of Zion and the sanctuary that houses the original Arc of the covenant. The 16th Century Cathedral of St Mary of Zion was probably built on an earlier 4th century church, and is the holiest church in Ethiopia. In its sanctuary is said to rest the original Ark of the Covenant. Overnight Overnight Yeha hotel
Axum to Hauzen
  1. After breakfast drive to Adigrat and after your lunch break start biking towards Hawuzen where the beautiful Geraltha mountains are situated. Overnight Geraltha lodge
  1. After your breakfast bike to Megab, 7km, then to Abreha We Atsibeha monastery which is ornamented with beautiful mural paintings depicting the Old and new testament. Then bike or drive back to the lodge. Overnight Geraltha lodge
Hawuzen to Mekelle
  1. After you breakfast bike towards Megab then to Tembien, 60km around, on the way visit some villages of the tigray people then after your lunch break drive to Mekelle. Overnight Debre Amo guest house
cyclingEthiopiaMekelle to Woldeya
  1. After breakfast drive to Woldeya on the way visiting some local markets and villages. Overnight Lal hotel Woldeya
Woldeya to Lalibela
  1. After your breakfast drive about 56km then Bike till the junction of Lalibela which is Gashena then drive 64km to Lalibela. Overnight Mountain View hotel
  1. After your breakfast bike to Yimrehane Kiristos, 42km, then visit the 11th monastery which predates the Lalibela churches then drive back to Lalibela. Overnight Mountain view hotel
  1. After your breakfast have a visit of the Lalibela rock hewn churches. Overnight Mountain View hotel
Lalibela to Addis Ababa 16. After your breakfast fly to Addis Ababa and have some time for shopping and after traditional farewell dinner transfer to the airport for your flight back home. Note: • Upon request the above tour program can be, modified, differently rearranged, combined with other programs, or extended to suit the clients’ interest, time, and budget.

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