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Surma Trekking and Omo Valley 22 days/21 nights

Trip Overview

Title: Surma Trekking and Omo Valley 22 days/21 nights
Duration: 21 days
Code: SLET – 014
Transport: Drive

This tour package shows the gradual process of the Great Rift Valley and the primitive habitats of human ancestors. It is also an open air museum of different earth activities on and underground. The geysers, hot springs, salt lakes, black pool, active lava lake, the dormant volcano, sulfuric landscapes the salt canyons, the sand dunes and not miss the local Afar people and their caravans.

at hotel.


A land dotted with rock-hewn churches, medieval castles and ancient obelisks reflecting a culture dating back over 3000 years.
After visiting The Monasteries over Lake Tana, the Blue Nile Falls and the medieval castles at Gondar, we head into the Simien Mountains for a spectacular trek. The Simien Mountains have been called Africa’s “Green Grand Canyon”. The Simien Mountains of Ethiopia offer superb wilderness trekking with stunning scenery, dramatic cliffs and escarpments and the chance to spot endemic wildlife such as a troop of Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex and Simien fox and Ethiopia’s many endemic birds and plant life unique to the mountains and the immense beauty of the mountains. Finally we visit the holy city of Axum and the famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, often referred to as the “Eighth wonders of the world.

Trip Details

Day 1 Arrival to Addis. O/n in a hotel of optional *
Day 2 Addis – Jimma. O/n in a local hotel
Day 3 Jimma – Bebeka O/n in a guest house.
Day 4 Drive for Dizi people . O/n Camping
Day 5 Drive to Tulgit for Surma Villages. O/n Camping
Day 6 Kibish – for Surma People. O/n Camping
Day 7 Kibish – Maji . O/n Camping
Day 8 Maji – Adika for Dizi and Zilmamo tribes. O/n Camping
Day 9 Drive to Omo National Park , the richest park in wild life. O/n Camping
Day 10 Camp at Nuers’.
Day 11 Visit the Villages of Bume people. O/n Camping
Day 12 Crossing the Omo river to meet the Omo Mursi . A car waiting on this side will pick us. O/n Camping.
Day 13 Mursi tries. O/n Camping at Mago NP.
Day 14 Mago – Murulle. O/n Camping
Day 15 Murulle Turmi. O/n Camping
Day 16 Turmi O/n Camping
Day 17 Turmi – Arbaminch. O/n in a hotel.
Day 18 Arbaminch. O/n in a hotel.
Day 19 Arbaminch –Langano. O/n in a hotel.
Day 20 Langano – Addis
Day 21 Departure

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