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Why Biking In Ethiopia

biking_ethiopiaBike tour Ethiopia is a great way to explore the various appeals of this fascinating country. Many tourists are drawn to African vacations to see the “Big 5” game on safaris. Ethiopia cycle tours are an appealing alternative to traditional van- or truck-based tours because you get inside of the people, rather than just passing through it. Bike tours through historical and Cultural sites are also the most interactive way to view the amazing Ethiopia because noise and emissions won’t disturb the area or their ecosystem.

Bicycle tours along the Cultural route allow you the time to take in the breathtaking views while watching the peoples day to day activities.

With opposite seasons to North America and Europe, Ethiopia is a great destination for cyclists looking to escape winter weather at home. Ethiopian climate is comfortable most of the year and has some of the longest days in the world – more hours of daylight for discovering this rich landscape!